Go sling! - duck slingshot

    imageLast year, I tried to make a couple of bucks in beer by advertising and inserted an ad unit into my application, but a 0.03% CTR hinted that there would not be enough money for the first mug. I wrote a letter to my advertising provider on the topic “How so, comrades,” and the next day I got an answer with consolations that they say it can be worse, as well as an interesting pdf with their little research on the iPhone market regarding the dependence of CTR and other parameters on the subject applications. The dependence was obvious: the dumber the program, the more they click on its ads . So, for example, the least benefit in this study was the mindmap editor and some kind of intellectual game, and the most primitive was the game about ducks and a trinket (shooting gun). Without thinking twice, I sat down at my game about ducks, with slingshots and bonuses. And that’s what happened.

    Go sling! This is a game in which you shoot ducks, hedgehogs, and other creatures from a slingshot, thereby gaining points and opening the next levels. Combinations of hits in the series give you various bonuses. In general, everything is simple. Screenshots to attract attention

    A bit about the technical side. All graphics are drawn exclusively on canvas, without the use of opengl or any native pieces. Of course, dynamic games should not be done this way, but as you should, you can learn from this presentation . In this case, various optimizations helped to achieve an acceptable FPS, such as the use of primitives instead of bitmaps wherever possible.

    Resources: Pictures were drawn with Inkscape's own vector editor ; music licensed under CC was found on FMA .

    A bit of statistics and useful information:
    • The most popular device on which the game is launched is HTC Wildfire. I don’t understand why, but he was far ahead of the rest. Moral: do not hammer on QVGA devices, they are people too
    • The most popular version of android: 2.1
    • The best time to put it on the market: Saturday night
    • In-game button "rate this app please" really works

    That's all. The game turned out to be free, without ads, and lies here :

    PS Forgot to mention. I tried to insert ads in the main menu, CTR floated within 1-1.5%. If the game gains popularity, I’ll try to analyze how the place of advertising affects clicks.


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