Star Wars: re-edited

    As J. Lucas previously reported in his many interviews, he did not, and never will, have any intention to remove the third trilogy of pollutants. However, recently an article appeared in the Times publication that in the near future all six episodes will be officially released on Blu-ray, and the 4th, 5th and 6th episodes will undergo a total reworking using material taken in those years.

    Those. A film with an original plot awaits us, but with other, more dynamic and elaborate scenes. Unfortunately, he did not specify when this collection will go on sale.

    Star Wars was reprinted many times on various media, and each time George Lucas Studios managed to present fans new videos.

    This is very good news, since now there will not be a clear gulf in style between the two trilogies.

    ps I could not resist and made a toad dedicated to recent events taking place with our president :)
    The Empire did strike back.

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