Independent study of circuitry

    I decided to write a series of articles that should help me figure out the subject of circuitry myself. The first part is introductory, it talks about the main disciplines that are worth exploring to understand the principles of designing and building electrical circuits. If you like this article, the topic will evolve, attention will focus on the nuances and examples.

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    To start training, you need to study three main disciplines :
    1. Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
    2. Theoretical Foundations of Electronics
    3. Theory of Automata

    Everything is as scary as it seems at first glance.

    The first point is necessary to understand the principles of working with electricity (In this subject, the basics of calculating electrical circuits are studied).
    The second point is the same as the first, but more in-depth. Here we will consider particular examples of basic electronic devices through their electrical circuits.
    The third point is a very important discipline that considers electrical circuits in terms of their logic of operation. This discipline is an introductory part of the circuitry course and considers the basic logical elements, the principles of constructing circuit diagrams, the processes occurring in circuits, and much more.

    How to study these disciplines?
    It is worth studying them according to university textbooks, combining with each other. Those. It is worth starting the study of the MA and TA courses in parallel, and then proceed to the study of SOE and circuitry. After several weeks, you will be able to develop simple logic circuits yourself and understand the work of more complex ones. Of course, one should not forget about the practice, it needs special emphasis. Solve problems, study electrical and circuit diagrams.

    What books will be needed in the learning process?
    To study electrical engineering and electronics, any textbook for higher education will go. (As an example of A. A. Bessonov “Theoretical Foundations of Electrical Engineering”)
    Automata theory can be studied using the textbook of the same name by G. G. Karpov.

    Software :
    In the course of training, programs such as
    Electronic Workbench are very useful.
    An old program for constructing circuit diagrams. For training, a demo version with a limited number of valid elements on a sheet will do. The program can be used both to study a course in the theory of automata and to test problems in electrical engineering.

    Will be used in the final stages of training for wiring elements on a printed circuit board.

    This concludes the introduction. If this topic will be interesting to habrayuzer, I will continue to write articles on this subject.
    Good luck with your self-education.

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