Festival "New Reality" collects the latest applications

    Almost a week was left until the end of the acceptance of applications for the All-Russian festival of Internet projects “New Reality” , the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications informs. Organize the event "TransTeleCom Company" and ROCIT .

    During the festival, experts will select 70 diploma winners (10 out of 7 federal districts of the Russian Federation). 10 of them will be presented to the federal jury. Applications for participation are accepted until September 20 in the nominations: “State”, “Region”, “Society”, “Culture”, “Fourth Power”, “Science and Education”, “Real Economy”, “Student Meridian”, “Entertainment” , "Innovation."

    Winners will be announced on October 17, 2006 during an interactive teleconference with the regions. As prizes, all diplomats and laureates of the “New Reality” will receive invitations to the ceremony of presenting the “Runet Prize 2006” .

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