Top 30 Android Apps

    While the ubiquitous media has surrounded the iOS app market (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), it's important to remember that Android is also making huge strides. Already more than 100,000 applications are available in the Android Market. Over the past six months, sales of Android devices have been excellent, with 32% of all new smartphones being purchased based on Android OS. The market is filled with various models from many manufacturers. Since the advent of the first devices, many have assumed that this OS will surpass Apple's OS in the coming years. And an important role in this should play applications for both platforms.

    IOS is still ahead. So far, there are not enough good Android apps that many people will actually use. Some iOS apps appear on Android and are no less popular. All this confirms the huge potential of the OS from Google, but it’s still too early to draw conclusions.

    Nevertheless, there are already some excellent applications for Android and further we bring to your attention the best 30 of them with a breakdown into the tops of free applications, paid applications and games.

    Top 10 free apps.

    1. Kindle - a book reader for Android. Connects to your Amazon account, copying the functionality of the original service in a pocket format.

    2. SkyFire - a fast mobile web browser with support for video streaming.

    3. Google voice - takes control of your phone by routing in various ways, and adds a bunch of additional features such as voice mail transcription, free text messages, cheap international calls and much more.

    4. Evernote - a centralized notebook. The notes you make are synchronized using the computing cloud.

    5. Barcode scanner - scans codes from books, discs with video and music, after which it offers links to additional information and prices. Recognizes QR codes.

    6. Lockout - an antivirus that scans downloaded and already installed applications.

    7. Facebook is a convenient client of the largest social network.

    8. Layar - augmented reality browser. Point the camera at a real object and get information about it from the network.

    9. Mint - organizer of personal finances, monitors balances on your accounts, expenses, loans, etc.

    10. Places Directory - like AroundMe, you can find out about restaurants, cinemas and other interesting places near you.

    Top 10 Paid Apps

    1. Root Explorer - a comprehensive file manager for accessing and managing all files on your device.

    2. Advanced Task Manager - restores order in running programs and system processes, optimizing the use of resources.

    3. Beautiful Widgets - offers to configure your device many skins and widgets.

    4. SetCPU for root users - overclocking and fine tuning the performance of your device.

    5. MyBackup Pro - allows you to backup everything on your device and safely stores them, allowing you to restore deleted at any time from the "cloud".

    6. CacheMate for root users - the best cleaning of the application cache at the moment.

    7. Sound Hound - like Shazam or Midomi, finds music on the network by listening to the fragment.

    8. Dropbox - file synchronization between a computer and a mobile device.

    9. LogMeIn Ignition - access to a computer remotely from your phone.

    10. DroidAnalytics - a client for the Google Analytics site statistics service.

    Top 10 Games

    1. RoboDefense - the implementation of the classic tower defense, taking all the best from such games. Open maps, excellent graphics and upgrades will make any lover of the Tower Defense genre happy.

    2. Fruit Ninja - as in his brother on the iPhone, cut fruits and earn points.

    3. SNESoid - all your favorite SuperNintendo games directly from the screen of your mobile device.

    4. HomeRun Battle 3D - a quirky but interesting online baseball, with many game modes.

    5. Abduction! 2 - Doodle Jump clone with a lot of new features and bonuses.

    6. HyperJump - launch the creature higher and higher, collecting coins and bonuses along the way.

    7. Zenonia - a fantastic mobile RPG, with all the "goodies" that can be expected from the genre.

    8. WoW Keyboard - play World of Warcraft directly from your mobile device.

    9. Angry Birds - birds tearing up all game charts for iPhone are swiftly capturing Android users.

    10. VoiceMusic - turn your voice into a musical instrument and play the piano keyboard with it.

    These are far from all worthy applications for Android devices, and this is our subjective opinion. And what programs and games, from the ones you tested, have received a permanent residence permit on your device?

    via TechCrunch

    PS it would be especially interesting to see in the comments applications of developers from Russia and the CIS countries, as well as services that are actively used in our country.

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