RBC-TV - a new button on TVs

    RBC Holding concluded an agreement with Mostelecom on the distribution of the RBC-TV signal over the cable network of the largest metropolitan operator, and after a while all TV viewers in Moscow can watch the business channel. This was reported by the newspaper "Vedomosti" .

    “This agreement will allow RBC-TV to increase the reach of the Moscow audience from 20% to 100%, and therefore significantly increase advertising revenue,” commented Aton analyst Nadezhda Golubeva. The revenue growth will also be promoted by an increase in advertising prices: German Kaplun, co-owner of RBC, said that since October the company will raise advertising prices by an average of 15% (now a minute of advertising on the TV channel costs $ 2500-3600) Yesterday's trading on the RTS already recorded an increase in RBC's capitalization by 3% to $ 1.09 billion.

    However, not all Mostelecom subscribers will immediately have access to RBC-TV: “The entire channel will be available to our subscriber base only after the network is completely modernized.” Mostelecom, ”that is, after two or three years,” said Director General of the operator Anton Osipchuk.

    Recall that RBC launched a business channel in September 2003. In 2005, it broke even: the channel’s net profit was $ 1.8 million, and revenue was $ 24.3 million (42% growth). This year, the company expects $ 33-35 million in revenue. The monthly audience of RBC-TV, as of May 2006, reached 7.7 million people.

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