Intel and Siemens become partners

    Intel and Siemens Communications are going to jointly develop solutions for open universal communications based on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, Prime-TASS reports the companies.

    The agreement is about co-financing and conducting short-term research in the field of secure wireless networks and open universal communications. The companies will collaborate in optimizing business processes in the telecommunications, finance and healthcare markets.

    In particular, partners are going to work on solutions using the Intel architecture - Intel Dual-Core Technologyand carrier-class Rack Mountd Servers, as well as Simens HjPath 8000 (IP platform) and OpenScape (a set of open-source communications software in real time).
    At the first stage of cooperation, the work of the OpenScape platform will be demonstrated, on the basis of which applications such as a personal portal, universal communications, video and voice conferences, as well as mobile clients will be launched. Intel and Siemens intend by the end of 2006 to publish the results of their research and demonstrate to individual customers the first line of technological solutions developed at Intel Lab (USA).

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