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    Previously, we only made trailers for games, but after some experiments ( one , two ), Trailer Studio has a new direction called “Trailers for sites”. More details can be read below.

    And those who are bored with reading the announcement can entertain themselves with our showril. Enjoy watching.

    What is a trailer and how is a trailer different from video ads?

    We often see movie trailers - short videos that carry a vivid image. They differ from regular advertising in that they convey capacious and complex content. Two hours of films should be packaged in a couple of minutes. A similar task is facing site advertising.

    The trailer allows you to demonstrate on a favorable side a project with a large internal content, complex structure, and advantages that are not obvious at first glance.

    Why do I need a website trailer?

    After watching the trailer, the user already knows exactly why he came to the site and what he will do here. He knows what services are there, which buttons to press, and how to place an order. He will not leave after 10 seconds just because he got here by accident, because he could not figure it out. The trailer, as it were, tells the viewer: “The site is simple and straightforward, and there is a lot of goodies - join us.”

    What site trailers can be made?

    Firstly, this is the "Promo Trailer". Short, 30-60 seconds, video explaining the main functions of your project. The main purpose is to post on public sites on the Internet to attract a new audience. Or the announcement of changes on the site.

    Secondly, "Video Tour". Usually 2-3 minutes long, detailing the functionality of the site, which makes it clear to the user what this site is interesting for him and how to use it. The main merit of the video tour is to lower the threshold for entering the site.

    Thirdly, “Video FAQ” The name speaks for itself. Vivid visual answers to frequently asked questions.

    Where will the trailer be shown?

    Video hosting, IT-communities, specialized sites, blogs, social networks, TV.

    Why is a website trailer better than other forms of advertising on the Internet?

    1. The cost of developing a trailer is less than placing banner ads;
    2. The amount of information that a video carries is incomparably higher than any static information. The user will have time to learn about the project much more;
    3. Trailer of an interesting site is characterized by viral distribution;
    4. The presence of a quality trailer increases the status of your project, including for investors. Even if the project has not yet been published.

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