Chrome Evernote: Google Chrome Extension Update

    We are trying to optimize the work of users with Evernote: fewer clicks here, faster access speeds there ... And today we are presenting a big update of our extension for Google Chrome (those who already use it will receive a novelty in the process of auto-updating). From this moment on, it can already be considered almost as a full-fledged Evernote client. And that's why.

    Notes Navigation

    The extension for Chrome now allows you to scroll through the list of notes right inside the popup. We have added a tab at the bottom of the extension window, by clicking on which you can view your notes. You can simply scroll through the list of notes or use the search and filters, in the case of which we took the browser’s Magic Bar as the basis (this is the name of the Chrome address bar that can do everything). You can search for notes by keywords, and filter them by notebooks, tags, and saved searches, all in one search line. As you enter text, the appropriate filter options with explanatory icons will be shown in the line. After selection, the corresponding selection of notes will appear.

    After you find the note you want, click to open the note in a new window.

    Travel Notebook

    As usual, when you click on the Evernote extension icon without selecting any elements of the web page, a quick note creation window will open that allows you to sketch plain text right inside the extension. Moreover, the text field of a quick note is now able to remember, and if you, having started writing a note, left the extension, and then reopened it again, your started thought will be waiting for you there. All this turns the note creation window into a light notebook that will save your ideas and thoughts that arise during the web surfing process. When you’re ready, just click “Save” and the note will be sent to your account.

    Please note that until you click Save, the contents of the unfinished quick note is not in your account.

    Extension Settings

    Right-click on the icon of our extension and select the "Settings" item to open a window with options. There you can determine the operation parameters of your extension, including the type of sorting notes, keeping the tab with notes open when the extension itself is closed, the target notepad for created notes, etc.

    We are truly excited about all these new features. It took a lot of effort to squeeze out everything possible from the potential capabilities of the browser. More improvements are coming soon. Do not disconnect!

    Install the Evernote extension for Google Chrome »

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