Podcast "42". Issue 44. Alexander Plyushchev: “Do what you must and be what happens!”

    Alexander Plyushchev, a well-known journalist, blogger and Internet activist, the host of the Echo of Moscow radio program, and in the recent past, the host of Vestey.net on the Rossiya-24 channel, who managed to work on NTV and Vedomosti, looked at us for a light. ".

    He told us vibrantly, vividly and with humor about how he uses applications and gadgets, how he relates to improving productivity and how to deal with matters, how he does shopping therapy in online stores of unusual electronics, as well as the skills of a radio host and high-tech jogging .

    Web services and desktop applications :
    - What applications does Alexander use?
    - Does our guest trust their data with the “clouds” and why does he like Dropbox so much ?
    - Why is the Hotmail mail service popular in the West, but it is practically not used in our country?
    - How is Facebook rapidly gaining momentum in the hope of crowding out VKontakte?

    Gadgets :
    - What mobile devices does Alexander carry with him and does he need an iPad?
    - About shopping therapy in Chinese online stores of strange electronics.
    - About the price and quality of Chinese goods and how Chinese fake brands eventually become independent brands.

    Productivity :
    - Why is it sometimes better not to plan to be productive?
    - How does the guest of the issue cope with the daily flow of information in the mail and twitter?
    - What does Alexander do in traffic jams and in the subway?

    - What kind of gadgets would Alexander take with him on a long trip? What is the Wasserman effect  ?
    - How to quickly get together on a trip and not forget anything?

    Work on the radio :
    - How to communicate with trolls on the radio, in the comments on the podcast and on the blog?
    - Why should a person who makes art forget about the public?
    - About an interview with legendary celebrities, whom you worry even after years of work as a radio host.

    Sports and weight loss :
    - About the simple secret of weight loss from Alexander Plushev and Artemy Lebedev.
    - Alexander’s personal sports project “ What radio am I today?»As a form of public control over his sports activities.
    - What modern mobile technologies does the guest use when jogging?
    - What to do while running so as not to get bored? Facebook

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