“How to patch KDE under FreeBSD?” We put experience!

    “How to patch KDE2 under FreeBSD?” Experienced users snort - dupe! But still on forums and in communities users are tormented by this issue. Many are seriously interested in: but really, how?

    Meme about KDE2 appeared a long time ago and immediately became popular. Internet users thought of asking not only system administrators, but also presidents. "Affected" Yushchenko, Nazarbayev and even Putin! The latter, however, did not respond. To understand what it is about, you need to know that FreeBSD is a free unix-like operating system. And KDE (no matter what version it is) is a window manager that runs on top of the graphical shell.

    But even with special knowledge, you still won’t be able to patch KDE2 under FreeBSD. Why? About this tv channel SLTVsaid the expert, who almost picked up a difficult operating system almost live and showed how it works. See the video for details .

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