A selection of useful foreign resources about hosting

    Today's collection is dedicated to popular English-speaking hosting resources. We hope that the material will be of interest to both buyers of hosting services and suppliers. We tried to make the selection as diverse as possible. On the one hand, it includes resources devoted to issues such as the choice of provider, ratings, reviews, on the other hand, telling about the intricacies of the business, the work of data centers, advertising methods, and the third are universal and will be equally interesting for both clients and hosters.

    Service for choosing a hosting. There is the possibility of an advanced search taking into account various filters. In addition, the site provides hoster ratings for various categories - budget hosting, wordpress hosting, VPS, dedicated, etc. The ranking of companies is carried out taking into account many different parameters, including editorial reviews, user reviews and ratings, value for money.

    A popular ranking of hosting companies. There is a large database of reviews and ratings left by the project visitors themselves. Hosters in the ranking are conveniently grouped into categories. The resource is regularly updated with interesting content on client hosting, promotion of hosting services, domain industry.

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    A well-known resource about the data center industry. The site regularly publishes materials on trends and prospects of the global data center industry, articles on modern cooling and energy saving technologies, data center vacancies, and the latest company news. The resource is updated daily with relevant and useful information. We recommend to everyone interested in this topic.

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    The most popular and visited English forum about hosting. The resource has an extremely active user community. On the forum you can find answers to almost any questions about hosting or related areas. The community discusses interesting topics such as creating your own hosting business. For beginning hosters, the section “Running a Web Hosting Business” will be especially interesting, which discusses the creation, maintenance and development of your hosting business, since such information is practically absent in RuNet.

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