Use of Wi-Fi and mobile phones in Europe may limit

    European Internet users are obliged to the European Commissioners for a number of fairly robust decisions in the field of IT technologies, which, if not decisive, nevertheless played a role - it’s enough to recall only Microsoft’s demand under the EU pressure to provide a browser choice in its operating system. However, the new initiative of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) seems more than ambiguous, and not only because it is trying to eliminate from the everyday life of Europeans such a fairly common phenomenon as wireless networks, but because, in fact, there is demagogy without any competent evidence.

    So, PACE published a document entitled "The potential dangers of electromagnetic fields and their effect on the environment" ( pdf) It explicitly states that Wi-Fi and mobile phone signals are “more or less potentially harmful” to humans and other living things. It is curious that there is no evidence for this statement, but it is only noted that the use of wireless networks can lead to serious economic losses due to their health effects, similar to how it happened with asbestos-containing building materials, leaded (with the addition of lead ) gasoline and ... cigarettes. Due to this circumstance, the document proposes to create special zones free from the influence of electromagnetic radiation, which should include hospitals, schools and some other places. A separate question is how these zones should be created: in clause 8.2. it is directly proposed to install certain protective screens (preventive thresholds) to lower the radiation level to the required measure. And, as a logical conclusion, it is recommended to organize new research in the field of technology and telecommunications, the use of which would not have an impact on biological organisms.

    Discussion of the document is scheduled for May 27.

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