Chinese phone. Sunno a880

    A few months ago on Habré there was a review of the Chinese clone HTC

    Touch Diamond 2 from the habrazer RiffKazan .
    I read, impressed, chose ordered. The Sunno A880 is an analogue of HTC Magic, but cheaper by more than half. Long away.

    In face and profile

    He, like the original, attracted me first of all with his appearance. And the content, judging by the description, was at the level, but more on that later. The phone looked good on the site, so I was looking forward to its delivery and preparing for the worst - I took a pig in a poke. But he was pleasantly surprised to see him. Pure glossy white plastic on the front and back panels, nice lines that completely repeat the shape of the original.
    The gloss is even on the inside: The body is solid, does not creak (unlike, for example, Nokia N82, on which you can even play a melody), there is no backlash. Here is just one detail that confused: Such a seam was striking at first in the eyes, but soon I got used to it and no longer notice it.

    The back panel is thin and a little scary with its apparent fragility. But in fact, I already experienced a couple of drops: Screen 3.2 "with a resolution of 320x480 (One of the main selection criteria - I like to read in transport and not only). Large, comfortable, no grain visible, but the number of colors - the problem of Windows Mobile - on gradients effect. In addition to the screen on the front of the speaker, microphone, call button and hang up and nedotrekbol. what caused this disability is difficult for me to understand, but instead of a full trackball like on the original, there is a button that a particular functional load is not. The bottom of a virgin. In upper end chopper to turn on / off the display / phone and a hole for the strap.

    On the left is a connector for connecting to a computer or a charger, a hardware customizable button (GPS) and a frightening Reset button, which has been taken out for something almost to the main one (I haven’t had to use it yet). On the right is the volume control, the second custom button (camera) and a 3.5 jack for headphones (the second important selection criterion) Rear panel: speaker, camera, flash, logo. As you can see in the photo, the Chinese have problems with ... I don’t know what, but the camera lens and flash are far from the center of the holes for them.

    In general, the impressions are pleasant. The gloss of plastic is a little easily soiled, but it is almost invisible because of the white color. There are no complaints about quality either, though I only use it for about a month. Only from the headphones near the connector did a scuff appear:

    As for the filling


    It works in all four ranges (other models supported basically three). But the reception level is noticeably lower than on other phones. Sometimes, where Nokia took with two or three divisions, on Sunno one silt or no connection at all. But in the city, in general, there are practically no problems with coverage, so the moment is not critical.
    A much more annoying problem with incoming calls. Periodically, the phone does not respond to them. There are beeps on the other side, there is dialing, but nothing on the phone. Similarly with SMS - it does not reach. Until I make a call from him to any number, the device does not wake up. It doesn’t happen so often, because I talk a lot, and since the phone is not basic, you can put up with it.
    There is a problem with SMS: it is not possible to send new SMS, but the return messages normally go away. What is the problem, I have not figured it out yet. Cant either a radio module (hardware or firmware) or WM6.5 itself


    In stock, works. The used and available network are reflected in the status at the same time.


    For a long time I doubted that he even existed. None of the navigation programs detected satellites. But it turned out again that there was a very weak signal from the satellites. In fact, even when satellites were detected for more than 15-20 seconds, communication was rare.
    In his topic, RiffKazan described a similar problem. But more on that later.


    It would be better to omit this point altogether. In China, they are absolutely not able to make cameras either as an independent product, or even more so as part of a phone.
    The photos are grainy, dark, with obscure points throughout the image. The outbreak is very weak and it is of little use.

    MP3 and sound

    After the first inclusion, I was simply horrified: inarticulate rattle sounds came from the speaker. In part, it was such a melody. But the speaker is really disgusting and you can listen to quiet and calm music through it without harming your ears. In general, the built-in speaker was very disappointing. But the sound that goes to the 3.5 output is quite good. In any case, I did not notice a significant difference between the sound in Suuno and in the Sony player.

    Memory card

    MicroSD. There is no hot extraction - you need to pull out the battery. Although this is strange for a modern device, the more so because when you connect the cable to the computer, the flash drive is still unmounted.


    This is another reason I bought a new phone. On the old Nokia E60, the charge lasted for 3-4 hours.
    With 10-15 minutes of calls per day, music, vain attempts to connect with satellites and the Internet after several battery trainings, the charge lasts for 2 full days and for part three.

    There are a number of claims to WM6.5, but this does not fit into the scope of the topic.


    In the very first days, the telephone was prepared. My expectations of seeing several disparate microcircuits on the glue there, as I heard before, did not come true. Everything is pretty decent inside. This, of course, is not Nokia, but the build quality is respected. To be honest, I don’t understand anything in electronics, I took it apart in order to see if there were any visible reasons for the weak GSM and GPS signal. So it was in the case of RiffKazan. It was enough for him to bend the missing contact so that the GPS began to work normally. In my case, two antennas are visible at the bottom. Presumably these are the antennas of the GSM / GPRS and Bluetooth module (small). Compare Sunno antenna module: And Nokia:

    And in the upper part there is some kind of parallelepiped connected to the board. At first I thought it was a vibrator, but the mount connector looked like an antenna connector, presumably GPS. It did not occur to me immediately to test the purpose of this block and now I am in dark ignorance.


    There were two batteries in the kit, but there was no charger for a spare. And every time turning off the phone to charge the battery is not very convenient.
    There was also a stylus (it was needed only for the WM6.5 keyboard, which is simply disgusting, but after installing the Finger Keyboard it was not needed at all), a network adapter, a car adapter, and a USB to xs cable.
    It would be better to put two cables in the kit (home / work / car), because if this one breaks, it is not known where to look for it later.
    In fact, maybe I just didn’t see such a connector. Who knows, tell me:


    Conclusions do you. It is difficult to say that a hundred devices work out 6,000 rubles of cost: a lot of jambs and no 3G. But for myself I can say that I am quite pleased with him. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the phone itself is only a third of the functionality of this device I need. But in order to call, I have the good old T610. Do not ask me how he got to such an appearance - this is a long but interesting story. I can only say that after flying from the third floor, he restored his speaker and microphone, because of which he actually lay on the shelf for several years, giving way to the Nokia E60.

    The impression of owning a phone remained good also because a very nice girl Marcia sits in the store’s support. After delivery of the order, I talked a lot with her on Skype. Very patient and nice girl. She was sympathetic to my problems and tried her best to help: she even found a thematic German forum and contacts of Russian phone owners. The person, seen from the conversation, cares about the name of the company in which he works. In addition, when making the order, I indicated that it was much better to pack it, having read on the Internet about Russian mail, asked to install support for the Russian language of the interface and select certain colors of the case. Everything was done exactly. I received a package with a box (safe and sound). A terrible, low-quality print "flaunted" on the box, and it was wrapped in tape:

    In the box, the phone is packed in a cloud of packages with balloons: In general, the order went for about a month and a half, but it seems that this is a problem of customs, not mail, because from the MSC the package flew to me in 3-4 days. In general, I personally have no complaints about them. Here is this phone on the site: Well, and a bonus: a five-minute funny video about this phone: http: / / / I'm sorry, I could not find how to insert it here. PS I thought I could do without detailed specifications in the review. But no - they ask. In fact, everything is fully consistent with the description on the site:

    OS: WM6.5
    CPU: HiSilicon K3 460MHz
    RAM / ROM: 128/256
    Wi-Fi, EDGE (GPRS), GPS (Well, you already understand)
    GSM 850/900/1800/1900
    MicroSD memory cards
    3.5mm headphone output .

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