International Space Station celebrates its 15th anniversary

    Yes, 15 years passed somehow unnoticed, and all this time the ISS circled the Earth in orbit around the Earth. But on November 20, 1998, the first module of the future station was sent into orbit. It was the Dawn module. Fifteen years later, the ISS is still being completed, adding more and more “pieces”.

    So, in April next year, a new manipulator, created by a team of European scientists, should be installed on the ISS. In addition, Russia must provide a ready-made laboratory module, which is designed for multi-purpose research. It is likely that the Russian module will be the last in this “constructor”.

    It is worth noting that by this day the cost of the ISS has already amounted to 150 billion US dollars, which automatically makes it one of the most expensive scientific projects. It is worth noting that approximately $ 7.5 million is spent per astronaut per day. Of course, this is expensive, but it is in this way that they open up new opportunities for all of humanity.

    Well, it remains only to congratulate the ISS and all participants in this project on its 15th anniversary.

    Via dvice

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