Webmoney withdrawal in Ukraine

    In my work I use several payment methods. Most often it is webmoney - simple, convenient, reliable. I see the customer’s business level, the customer is mine. There are many useful functions and arbitration - in which you can’t prove anything to anyone, but you can block the offender’s wallet (I had such an experience).

    But money in an electronic wallet is not the same as money in a real wallet. This post is devoted to methods of withdrawing webmoney in Ukraine.

    All possible withdrawal methods can be listed on the webmoney website:

    1. Exchange for cash at one of the certified exchange offices.
    2. Exchange for Russian rubles with subsequent postal order.
    3. Exchange to electronic currency of other payment systems.
    4. Transfer to your bank account.
    5. Transfer through the CONTACT system (Russia), Aval-Express and SOFT (Ukraine).
    6. Transfer to a bank card received through the service Payment cards + WebMoney.

    The 2nd method works only for WMR - for Ukraine it is not relevant.
    The third method does not interest us either - we need cash.
    The 4th method is available when withdrawing at least 10,000 USD. If the amount is less, then the system offers to use the services of a kind of auction on wire.exchanger.ru . It didn’t work out for me to change anything there, maybe I didn’t try very hard ...
    UPD. Here people say that it makes sense to use this service.

    Now more about what remains.

    Exchange for cash at one of the certified exchange points

    I have changed. Damn, I changed it for two years ... This is probably the most inconvenient and expensive way. It is justified only when you really need to exchange WMZ for USD. Among its shortcomings:
    • High commission of exchange points - from 1.5% to 5%. Moreover, in some exchangers the percentage depends on the amount (the more money you withdraw, the less commission will be), but in others it does not.
    • Undervalued dollar when exchanging for UAH. Here is a real example. In one Lviv cantor (cantor of the Beaver brothers :)) they bought WMZ at the rate of 5.5 UAH / WMZ, and sold already at 7 UAH / WMZ. In currency exchangers, the dollar purchase rate was around 6.5 UAH / USD. Cool?
    • Not reliable. There is always a risk that you will be divorced. One guy who took 2.5% for the exchange and from whom Igor Reiter and I withdrew money several times, thrust me a fake 100 UAH once. I didn’t understand it intentionally or accidentally - I just stopped working with him. Moreover, to contact him was problematic.
    • Not stable. Recently, I began to encounter the fact that there are a lot of WMZ in exchange offices and vice versa - very little cash. Those. they stupidly do not buy anything - only sell. So I waited three weeks to change money at one of the previously verified points.

    We count. The minimum commission of the exchange office is 1.5% (for sure you will find such a hell by the way) + commission webmoney 0.8% = 2.3% .

    Transfer through the Aval-Express system and SOFT (Ukraine)

    I am using this method now. The only inconvenience is changed only by WMU and only by UAH. And since the USD exchange rate is now unstable and mainly growing, I change WMZ only when I really need cash.
    You can change WMZ to WMU directly in the program itself (I once did not know and changed through ROBOX). The course is more or less decent. For example, when in Privat the purchasing rate was 7.0 UAH / USD, and in other banks 7.1 - 7.2 UAH / USD, then webmoney had the rate of 7.23 WMU / WMZ. The downside of this gimmick is that you have to pay an additional 0.8% webmoney.

    Now for the systems:
    • SOFT for some reason did not work when I changed. His commission is lower and amounts to only 1%.
    • Aval-Express works - commission 1.5%. After submitting the application, you receive an invoice that you wish to pay. Two days later, you can take a passport and go to the nearest Raifazen branch for money.

    We count. 0.8% webmoney commission for exchanging WMZ to WMU + 0.8% another webmoney commission + 1.0% SOFT or 1.5% Aval-Express = 2.6% -3.1% .
    A little more than in the previous version, but much easier, faster and more reliable.

    Transfer to a bank card

    You can choose from several types of cards. I will talk about Payoneer, because I know for sure - in Ukraine they work.

    Here you can see the system tariffs when working with Webmoney Payoneer. As you can see, a lot depends on the certificate. So for the Initial Certificate, the commission for calculating funds is 1.5%, and for the Personal - 0.5%. The limits on replenishment of the card also vary. I think in this case, obtaining a personal certificate will be a justifiable action.

    We count. 0.8% commission webmoney + 0.5% Payoneer + 1% for cash withdrawals = 2.3% .
    As you can see, the total commission is the same as the minimum commission when withdrawing funds through an exchange office. But:
    • No haemorrhoids with the search for an exchanger who is ready to change money. Independence yopt!
    • No risk.
    • USD comes to the card, which can be exchanged for UAH at any time at any ATM or bank.
    • The card can be used for payments via the Internet and abroad.

    It seems to me that the advantages of this method of withdrawing funds are obvious.

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