Legend of computer music

    Young people who are 20 years old or less will probably not even remember where it all began ... Nevertheless, in my opinion, the older generation can break through a tear, because with this melody a grand procession of computer music around the world began.

    It's a shame that the name of the composer of this melody, Gershon Kingsley, remains unfamiliar to most. This is the first electronic composition in the world to which deafening fame has fallen. She instantly became an international hit.

    Many famous musicians, such as Stan Free, Jean Michel Jarre, Arthur Fiedler, Anarchic System, Arthur Fiedler, Aphex Twin, Muse, Gigi D'Agostino, Time Frequency, Crazy Frog, Messer Chups, our Victor Zinchuk, and many others created more than 500 cover versions of this piece. In the USSR, the most famous is the version of Vyacheslav Meshcherin, which has earned well-deserved fame not only here, but also far abroad.

    So, meet - "Popcorn":

    Its most famous version was released in 1972. Until now, it sounds on the radio, television, as well as from cell phones - now it is popular as a ringtone. Surprisingly, according to the author, he wrote the main Popcorn melody in half a minute, but it conveys the process of making popcorn so elegantly that it still strikes.

    Well, I just can not help but insert a video here when the author himself performs this legendary tune:

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