Tesla Robotic Plant

    Wired reporters yesterday posted a video shot at a robotic plant in Fremont, California, collecting Tesla S. electric cars. The futuristic charisma of the company's owner, Elon Mask, was fully respected in this case, even considering that the video was staged. In general, a very good attempt was made in less than five minutes to give an idea of ​​the modern robotic production of cars from the beginning (choosing materials, stamping parts) to the end, when the finished Tesla S leaves the assembly shop.

    The plant is located on an area of ​​5 million square feet (464500 m 2) - the plant employs 3,000 people and 160 robots, and the level of automation is constantly increasing - the robots install batteries, the engine itself, the inside of the car, all the cables (in the middle of the video you can see that the robot seats the car seats and the windshield, and the person later controls this process). All this allows you to produce about 400 cars a week.

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