Hosting Killer Amazon EC2 Comes to Europe

    Amazon EC2 shared hosting (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud) was not previously officially available on European data centers, unlike S3. Amazon Web Services has now officially announced the "transition of EC2 across the Atlantic."

    Amazon EC2 is a very convenient service for hosting Web 2.0 projects, along with its "brother" Amazon S3, which is engaged in file storage. A unique feature of hosting is that at any time you can add or remove resources that are allocated for hosting your project to dynamically adapt to the load. For example, to assign a light load at night, and during the day - higher. Due to this, greater savings are achieved compared to conventional hosting providers: see the calculator .

    Amazon monitors the load every second and introduced a convenient management interface consisting of four blocks: a management console; load balancing; automatic scaling; cloud monitoring.

    The prices for the work of European data centers have already been set (they are slightly higher than in the USA). By functionality, services in Europe and the USA are no different. Soon in Europe they will add virtual hosting not only for Linux, but also for Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server.

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