The copyright holders took up the mirrors of "Flibusta"

    Having achieved the blocking of the address, Russian copyright holders intend to deal with windmills with mirrors of the electronic library. This was announced yesterday by the head of the Internet Copyright Protection Association (AZAPI) Maxim Ryabyko.

    Flibusta has mirrors and, an alternative domain flibusta.lib (implemented through the EmerCoin system , resolved through OpenNIC DNS servers ). In addition, you can access the site through Tor ( http://flibustahezeous3.onion ) or I2P ( http: //flibusta.i2p and http: //zmw2cyw2vj7f6obx3msmdvdepdhnw2ctc4okza2zjxlukkdfckhq.b32.i2p ). Books from the library are available through the bot in Telegram. Flibusta’s attendance is now estimated at 5.2 million people per month.

    We wish success to copyright holders in their hard work.

    Recall that “Flibusta” was blocked in Russia last June for malicious distribution of the book “451 degrees Fahrenheit” and three other novels by Ray Bradbury, more precisely, for the distribution of old Russian translations. Later, a classic work devoted to total censorship and burning of forbidden books, at the request of the copyright holder, was removed from the Moshkov library and other libraries.

    AZAPI has now filed a lawsuit demanding that it block access to and on behalf of Eksmo Publishing House on the grounds that and are full copies of the blocked

    Copyright holders discussed the problem of mirrors of blocked sites with representatives of Roskomnadzor. The corresponding bill was sent to the Ministry of Communications last week.

    Since the Mirror Bill has not yet been passed, the AZAPI lawsuit may be dismissed. Anatoly Semenov, authorized under the President for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs in the field of intellectual property, explainedthat the court cannot create new rules of the law, and the adopted law has no retroactive effect, and therefore even if the law on mirrors is adopted in the near future, it cannot be applied to this process.

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