Lurkmorye removed from the list of banned sites

    The popular Russian Internet encyclopedia Lurkmore has been removed from the list of banned sites of Roskomnadzor, the Roskomsvoboda resource reports .

    This is due to the fact that David Homak, the founder and administrator of Lurka, according to his own statement, was "tired of butting" with Roskomnadzor and limited access to controversial articles from the territory of the Russian Federation.

    Homak commented on his decision for Roskomsvoboda:

    “Our new hoster asked to somehow regulate relations with Roskomnadzor (ILV). At this point, it turned out that a noticeable number of Roskomnadzor locks issued to Lurk were completely meaningless: some files were deleted, some articles were renamed, but all these URLs appeared in the registry. 61 pieces. At the same time, on our server, some of the articles are never returned to Russia, but providers are ordered to block these articles. And until mid-August, they were ordered to block Lurk entirely, because of Adygea's article, on the basis of such a letter: . That is, some articles were blocked 3 times for the Russian Federation: by us, Roskomnadzor by URL and Roskomnadzor along with all Lurk.

    Out of sheer interest, I added the missing URLs to the nginx configs because I was tired of butting with ILV in this place.

    "Lurkmore" - an alternative Russian-language Internet encyclopedia. Filled according to the Wikipedia principle, Lurkmore has its own specifics and culture, introduced there from Russian and foreign image boards. This, however, does not prevent the authors of the articles from covering sufficiently extensive and serious topics, for example, general relativity and service stations, although with the use of internal vocabulary and design features.

    Lurkmore’s problems with Roskomnadzor began back in 2012 due to an article about marijuana. At the request of the Federal Drug Control Service, the IP address of Lurka was blocked and added to the list of banned sites. Then the situation was resolved by restricting access to the controversial article.

    In 2013, Lurk was already on the list of extremist sites and was again blocked for an article about Adygea. Once again, the content had to be removed at the request of the state, and a text stub link was

    sent to the “451 degrees Fahrenheit” link: In 2014, Lurka was required to delete articles about Ramzan Kadyrov and Molotov cocktail, also recognizing them as extremist.

    In 2015, Lurkmorie was completely blocked due to the transition to the HTTPS protocol. Now the site works through HTTP, which supports the ability to block individual pages.

    In total, according to Roskomsvoboda, was mentioned in the register of prohibited sites of Roskomnadzor 212 times based on decisions of various departments and courts. Thus, Lurk can be called the most long-suffering Runet resource in the entire history of locks carried out by the authorities and ILV.

    Not the fact that the decision of the founder of the resource will avoid attention to the encyclopedia in the future. Lurkmore has its own culture of presentation, which often does not differ in correctness and restraint, so it is likely that questions to the encyclopedia from the authorities may still arise.

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