Google Launches Project Link: A Project for Developing Fiber Networks in Developing Regions


    Despite the fact that Google is trying not to deal with non-core tasks, the corporation nevertheless realizes some interesting projects. For example, the other day the Project Link project was announced, the main purpose of which is to increase the penetration of broadband access in developing regions. To this end, Dobra Corporation plans to create deployed fiber-optic networks in such regions.

    It is planned to connect the created infrastructure to submarine transcontinental highways. According to the corporation, this will allow Internet companies (by itself, and Google too), telecom operators to offer their services in new markets for themselves.

    At the same time, the corporation reserves the right to charge a certain fee for the fact that third-party companies will use the infrastructure created by Google. According to project management, the company wants to turn Project Link into a “sustainable business model that can grow, involving more and more people.”

    In order to achieve this goal, the company will open access to the created infrastructure to everyone, of course, not to private individuals, but to Internet providers or mobile operators in new regions.

    The first such network has already been launched in the capital of Uganda, and the participants of the Project Link team will develop and scale the finished project. Kampala, the capital of Uganda, was chosen as a region where Internet infrastructure is very mediocre, and many people simply do not have access to the Web.

    So far, the project management has not announced the name of the next region where the Project Link team will go. Maybe Nigeria with its developed network of email users? Be that as it may, the project is planned to be made really large, and it will be developed not only in Africa.

    Via theverge

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