How to create an orc: a brief instruction

    Each game developer probably came across with the fact that sometimes I want to “virtualize” the image invented and rendered in the game, hold it in my hands, and examine it not on the screen but in reality, albeit on a scale. It’s a special pleasure to use one more sensory feeling - touch, which at the tactile level reveals new feelings for the character and the game, launches mechanisms that allow us, the development team, to make the game even more interesting.

    On KDPV - the representative of the orcs is one of the oldest races in Allods Online". They are creepy, powerful, hardy. Combine in hordes for raids and rarely stop in one place to settle there forever. More often they build temporary dwellings, which are not a pity to abandon. This is the most anarchist and freedom-loving of the creatures of the Allods game world.

    It is not surprising that our artists, creating these characters, worked hard for fame. And, of course, we decided to create real sculptures. For help, they turned to the guys from Prosto Toys. If you play Allods Online”, You know that our orc is not a huge mutant, but rather a muscular football fan: moderately well-fed and in full bloom. And so the model for creating the figures was chosen accordingly: a guy in excellent shape, often in the gym. However, due to his embossed muscles, he was unable to take the necessary impulsive posture. Masters took it as a sample, but slightly changed the figure. As you can see from the photo - the pose turned out to be bright, the back of the hero is arched, and the muscles are significantly enlarged.

    How to create an orc figurine: from prototype to painting

    The model was created on a high-precision 3D printer, and then manually edited for a long time. The material is a special plastic, it is soft and pleasant to the touch.

    Still an incredibly convenient thing, a 3D printer. Judging by how fast they are developing and becoming cheaper, they will soon become the same familiar home device as a regular printer today. Then it will be possible, in particular, to print such orcs on their own :) "Then we will live!"

    This is what a "raw" hero looks like, not yet painted. Here is the orc build process:

    Here is the digital painting of the prototype:

    And here is the most real paint. With masks and glasses:

    One of the orc figures was given to us. Alexander Gorbatyuk , art director of the Department of Game Operations (GOD), personally painted the hero.

    And so he got it:

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