Java / Python SDKs 1.3.4 released and GAE for Business announced

    First, I’ll talk about the changes in the SDKs, and then about what AppEngie for business is.

    - New API: OAuth . Now you can use the application as a provider (obviously for the Apps Marketplace)
    - Support for OpenID .
    - Blobstore is no longer an experimental API (it's a pity that they did not introduce direct downloads, prices for AppEngine are cheaper than for the new WebStore). The maximum file size is 2GB, against 50MB, which was before.

    For Python SDK:
    - Added automatic execution of tasks on the local SDK.
    - New bulkloader with a wizard for importing / exporting data

    For Java SDK:
    - Full support for javax.el. *
    - Java 1.5 is now deprecated.

    As far as I understand from the description, this will be a regular AppEngine with ACL support (that is, someone can deploy the application, and someone can only view the data) + some features:

    - SQL support - Q3 2010
    - SSL for your own domain (this is also in the current roadmap for the regular AppEngine) - Q4 2010
    - Improved billing. (Apparently prepaid?)
    - SLA will be determined. (one of its points known for today is 99.9% uptime - but it seems to me not enough, even for ordinary users with connected billing, IMHO, not to mention business accounts)
    - Support. It would be cool if 24/7. But we learn about this in the 4th quarter of 2010.

    The cost of this pleasure is from $ 8 per user on your gApps domain, up to $ 1,000 per month for one application.

    I, in general, signed up for this commercial creation, how they let me go to the new admin area - I’ll tell you what is there and how.

    Complete changelogs:
    - Release Notes: Python
    - Release Notes: Java
    - Revision History
    - Product Roadmap
    - Business Roadmap

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