Affordable liquid fuel batteries

    The Japanese company Aqua Power System at CES 2008 presented its new development - it looks like ordinary AA batteries.

    But it turns out that the presented NoPoPo (Non Pollution Power) batteries are far from ordinary, because work from the liquid poured into the inside. Moreover, most surprisingly, the liquid can be almost anything that is “at hand”: from clean water to juice, beer and even urine.

    A special syringe is used to pump fluid. Inside the battery, aluminum and magnesium, reacting with the liquid, act as a catalyst.

    The manufacturer notes that the batteries are environmentally friendly, as they do not contain elements such as mercury or cadmium. They also do not pose a fire hazard.

    Presumably, depending on the liquid being poured, the battery capacity can reach 500 mAh, which is quite a bit compared to modern NiCd, NiMh and LiOn batteries and zinc batteries, but given the simplicity and the main “charging” speed, this technology has a right to life.

    Unfortunately, now they only appear on sale in Japan, but the company plans to put them on the western market in the first half of 2008. So soon it will be possible to proudly say "My laptop or camera is powered by environmentally friendly urine." :)

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