About virtuals

    There was one idea about virtuals , I decided to share.

    Thought - many of us live in each of us. After all, we are alone with parents, others with friends, and for example, with our girls are not at all similar to the first two.

    On sites, people sometimes create virtuals. Those. under different users in reality one person sits. And despite the fact that this is most often connected with karma on the hub, they lowered karma in one, made a new one - there may be other reasons for this. Indeed, for people the diversity is quite natural. I don’t want to analyze now why another user can sit under different accounts, I think everyone represents.

    The idea is to give users the opportunity to make virtuals on (social) sites. Register a user - and, for example, you can create 3 virtual users. Managing them in one place, but they have different nicknames, data, avatars and more. Post news, comment - all this can be done from the selected virtual.

    Question: do you think this is necessary, or is it nonsense? Would you use that? Do you have other ideas in this direction? Let's discuss!

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