Space contest "Let's go!" or "To iPad 2?"

    Dear Habra Users!

    It is no secret to anyone that exactly 50 years ago, on April 12, 1961, a man first flew around our native planet with you. Everyone knows the name of the hero, of course - it was Yuri Gagarin. We congratulate you on the anniversary of this world-wide event and offer to participate in a space bias contest.

    “To do this, pick up the space spoons and refresh yourself with space semolina!”

    Have you eaten up?

    The main prize of the competition is the Apple iPad 2.

    It can become yours if you successfully pass the test, which consists of three steps, and also win * in an open user poll.

    * - if you did not manage to take the first place, do not be discouraged, all participants of the competition who have passed the third stage will receive incentive prizes.

    First stage
    Solve three simple “space” problems known to you from the school curriculum in physics and astronomy. The result of each task will be a certain number. Add the three numbers obtained and remember the resulting amount.

    Second stage
    To complete the second stage, log in at . If this is your first time on our site, then go through the registration procedure - .
    After authorization, a special field will appear on the page of our site in which you need to enter the amount received in the first step.

    If the amount is correct, the system will tell you a secret topic. Record a video (lasting no more than 1 minute) on the topic you have asked and upload it to Youtube . In the title to the video write: “Logola contest: I want iPad 2!”

    Send us a link to your video on from the contact address that you specified when registering on our website.

    Third step
    After we have accepted your video and added it to the action page, hurry to call your relatives, friends and acquaintances to support your video in an open user poll.
    The author of the most popular video, according to users, will receive our main prize - iPad 2!
    Please note that since winners are identified by open voting, it’s popularity and quality of your video that will determine the likelihood of your victory in the contest.

    Summing up the results of user voting will take place on April 19 at 12:00 .

    You are ready?! Then the key to the start! Go!

    First stage

    Exercise 1.

    In a far-distant Galaxy * some event occurred, and a second before it in the same Galaxy another event occurred, distant from the first 600,000 km. At what speed **, expressed in km / s, should *** UFO move for both events to happen simultaneously?
    * - “Galaxy” should be understood as some inertial reference system.
    ** - consider the speed of light as a constant equal to 3 * 10 8 m / s.
    *** - it is assumed that the UFO has already chosen the right direction of movement.

    Task 2.

    A launch vehicle with a spaceship has a launch mass of 100 tons. When starting, they start:
    - 4 engines of the first stage;
    - 1 second stage engine.
    According to the
    technical specifications, traction: - engine of the first stage 1MN;
    - second stage engine 800kN.
    Calculate the amount of overload experienced by the astronauts at launch. Round the answer to the nearest integer.

    Task 3.

    What is the value of the stamp (in copecks) of 1965, which depicts a monument to the creators of the first artificial satellite?

    Logol team
    wishes you good luck in passing the tests!

    The competition is nearing completion. On a special page, voting for the submitted videos is in full swing!

    The main competition is over!
    However, at the request of the contest participants, as well as due to the fact that most of the contestants sent works with a delay, we extend the vote until 12:00 on April 22, 2011. by Moscow time.
    Voting takes place at the address:

    Our contest is over! Read more about the results in our blog:
    Thank you all for participating!

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