Which countries have the highest Google share?

    According to the results of June 2008, the Google search engine increased its share in the American Internet to a record 69.17% . And without that, the overwhelming advantage over competitors has become even greater (+8 percentage points per year). Yahoo only had 19.62% of the market, MSN and Ask.com each had 5.46% and 4.17%, respectively. The remaining 42 search engines that Hitwise monitors account for just 1.7%.

    However, there are countries in which Google is even more dominant than in the United States.

    For example, in the UK, Google’s share in June was already 87%, which is 10 percentage points more than a year earlier. Yahoo and MSN have 4% and 3.72%, respectively.

    In Australia, Google’s leadership is measured at 88% (+12 percentage points per year).

    via SearchEngineWatch

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