Linus Torvalds is considering a new Linux kernel version numbering scheme

    Tired of constant questions regarding the release of the unstable branch 2.7, Linus Torvalds plans to discuss a new kernel version numbering scheme at the upcoming Linux kernel developers summit.

    In 2004, there was a departure from the scheme with the separation of unstable and stable branches (XYZ, even Y - stable, odd - unstable) in favor of constant stabilization of the kernel in the intervals between releases (release candidates act as test versions). With the current organization, the numbers are not tied to functionality, and the subversion number in the 2.6.x branch can grow to infinity.

    In this regard, Linus plans to discuss the feasibility of switching to numbering with reference to the release date of the release, and not the standard "year.month", such as 2008.10, but tailored to the familiar presentation of kernel versions. For example, in accordance with the new scheme, kernels released in 2008 will have initial numbers of version 2.8, the first release next year will receive the number 2.9.1, the second - 2.9.2, the first release of 2010 will be released under the number 3.0.1.


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