Rage engine on iPhone showed an impressive 60 fps

    In his speech at QuakeCon 2010, the head of ID Software demonstrated the work of his new Rage project on the iPhone. Despite the rather modest by modern standards, the computing capabilities of a mobile device, the game showed an impressive 60 frames per second.

    Rage is the new brainchild of the founders of the 3D-action genre. The game, published by Bethesda Softworks, is a mix of first-person shooter and racing with elements of role-playing in a post-apocalyptic world. The developers drew inspiration from the movies "The Weird Max" and the Fallout series. Impact on the racing component of the game had such projects as MotorStorm and BurnOut. Development has been ongoing for more than 3 years, and the heart of the product is the new cross-platform id Tech 5 engine.

    The demonstration of id Tech 5 capabilities, conducted by Carmack, may well claim the title of the most impressive technology of those that we have already seen on the iPhone. It works on iPhone4, but can easily be launched on iPhone 3GS, and the visual effects are as good as games on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox and the engine is likely to cope with most modern games for these platforms if they were ported to iPhone.

    Later, Carmack explained to impressed viewers that the demonstration showed was not full id Tech 5, but a special technological development that uses some of the elements of the new engine, (for example, megatextures), written specifically for the iPhone. The full version of the engine will be used in PC and console editions of the game Rage.

    Thus, the first game of the Rage series will be released on the iPhone and will be like a small demonstration of the new features of the new title, in anticipation of the release of a big game for various platforms next year.

    There are high hopes for the game, and players all over the world, since each id Software product has unique features in addition to impressive technologies. The developers promise that Rage will be the first game in which they can abandon the usual linear corridors and adopt the style of successful projects such as BioShock and Crysis.

    Video demos on gamevideos .

    According to kotaku.com.

    For more information on Carmack and QuakeCon 2010, see the live blog .

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