Not just a 3D graphics tutorial

    Site logoUnfortunately, not many startups from outside Russia and Western countries are represented on the hub. Therefore, I want to bring to your attention the initiative of one Moldavian animation studio, which is currently working on the first animated film in post-Soviet Moldova. This cartoon is three-dimensional and is called "Gypsy . " But the main feature is not this, but on the site of "Gypsy" . The project is planned as on-line courses on 3D graphics with all the ensuing consequences. This is the blog of the creators of the cartoon, where the details of the manufacture of "Gypsy" are already published: from organizational issues to technical details. Here it is planned to describe all stages of production down to the smallest detail. And most importantly, you can ask questions to all participants in the process: artists (one of them is the owner of the Cannes palm branch), 3D artists, managers, directors, screenwriters. The blog already has reports from some of the guys. Those who think something in 3D can criticize, argue, suggest, in this way, also learn something and teach others. In general, this is not just a tutorial, but real online courses with the ability to communicate with masters of their craft. It seems to me that such a project has not yet been on the network. If there was, tell me :) Oh! and there is RSS.

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