Intel officially unveiled Centrino 2

    On July 15, Intel officially announced the release of the new Centrino 2 platform. At the same time, six new mobile processors, a set of system logic and wireless solutions were introduced. In addition, Intel promised in the near future to release eight more processors with low power consumption and a quad-core mobile processor.

    The list of new processors includes the P8400 (2.26 GHz) and P8600 (2.4 GHz) models with 3 MB cache, three models with 6 MB cache (2.53 GHz P9500 and T9400, and 2.8 GHz T9600), as well as the top-end X9100 Extreme Edition chip with a frequency of 3.06 GHz. The TDP level for the P-series is 25 watts, for the T-series chips - 35 watts, and for the X9100 model - 44 watts. The cost of the P8400 is $ 209, the T9600 is $ 530, the X9100 is $ 851.

    The new system logic of the Centrino 2 platform, according to Intel, in terms of performance is quite “up to the level” of playing movies in HD-quality. 3DMark'06 tests show that the integrated graphics performance has grown by 70%. Compared to the previous platform. The Centrino 2 is more expensive than the laptop battery. The battery charge is enough to watch a movie in HD quality. In addition, in the new platform, the ability to switch to discrete graphics (when launching a gluttonous application) is “protected”, and also, if it is necessary to reduce power consumption, turn off the external video card.

    Centrino 2 comes with Wi-Fi Link 5000 series wireless adapters that support 802.11 draft-N, providing 450 Mbps of bandwidth. There are two pieces of adapter models. 5300 - for ordinary laptops, and 5100 - for subnotebooks. Wi-Fi / WiMAX modules are also provided.

    Despite the “hot” announcement of the new platform, many manufacturers on the same day presented Centrino 2-based laptops. Intel says its partners and OEMs may release about 250 new laptop models in the near future.

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