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    In life, I have to deal with the pronunciation of the combination “ Software (Software) ” all the time. If you believe the Russian language ( , for example), then the emphasis should be placed on the third syllable ., but the use of this word at conferences, seminars, on TV is completely contrary to the rules. Namely, in the phrase " Software ", the emphasis is placed on the third E , instead of the second. So how do you actually pronounce it correctly? What do you call the full range of programs and applications comprehensively? Which side of correctness? UPDATE: Links: S.I. Burns. Dictionary of the Russian language - M.:, "Russian language", 1986, p. 364; Accentological dictionary "GRAMOTA.RU": Russian dictionaries But at the same time: From Wikipedia: " Software (pronunciation software is not recommended, more precisely, was not recommended) ...

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    The latest edition of the spelling dictionary under the name Ozhegova from 2007 already provides only the option of security (as the only one). To insist on a provision as recommended is unreasonable ...
    ". But at the expense of Ozhegov 2007 the information is not reliable. Who saw (read 0_o) share the revelation.

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