Runet Today, November 17, 2011. Experts of the issue: Andrey Yunisov, Vladimir Isaev, Anton Nosik

    At Finam FM studio , Andrei Yunisov, general director of WebProfiters Internet marketing agency, and Vladimir Isaev, communications manager for Opera Software. Together with the host, Maxim Spiridonov, they discuss a study by the Public Opinion Foundation regarding the growth rate of the Runet audience, Russia's entry into first place in Europe in terms of the “Internet population”, a massive hacker attack on Facebook, measures taken by the zone administrator .ru for compliance with “moral purity” in domain names, Groupon’s tough move to deter partners from cooperating with its competitors and significant personnel shifts at SUP Media (comment by Anton Nosik, media director of the holding).

    1. The Public Opinion Foundation analyzed the potential for the growth of the Runet audience.According to the results of the survey, two groups of residents of the country who still do not use the Internet were identified. Most are those who, in principle, do not want to have access to the Web. Those account for 40% of the Russian population, or 46 million people, and their share is decreasing at an extremely low pace. Significantly fewer people want to connect to the Internet, but do not yet have such an opportunity. There are about 11.5 million people, respectively 10%, and the number of this category is constantly decreasing.

    - What in Runet is able to interest "refuseniks"?
    - Andrei Yunisov: “It is unlikely that these people [“ refuseniks ”] will go to an online movie theater or buy something on the Web”, “Extensive audience growth will end, traffic will rise in price, and Internet projects will need to be optimized, which is for agencies very well"
    - Vladimir Isaev: “The audience will grow old. Those people who make up the bulk of those 11.5 million will gradually move into the category of “over 55”. ”
    - Involving the population in the use of online public services: the experience of France.

    2. In September, Russia took first place among European countries in terms of the number of Internet audiences, reads a comScore report.The former leader of the rating, Germany, now ranks second in it. It is followed by France. In the first month of autumn in Runet, there were 50.8 million Internet users. During this period, one Russian citizen with access to the Global Network had 2,439 web pages viewed, which is lower than the global and average European indicators. It is noteworthy that the VKontakte social network turned out to be a resource where people spend the most time on average in Europe: a total of more than seven hours a month.

    - What does this news mean for business on the Russian Internet?
    - Where are the growth points of the Runet audience?
    - Vladimir Isaev: “As for the mobile Internet, I’ll give statistics on our Opera Mini browser. Five of the ten most visited sites in Runet are social networks. ”
    - Andrey Yunisov: “VKontakte” is not the most intellectual resource. I would like the audience to sit on other sites, although we all understand that this is not very real. ”

    3. On November 15, a coordinated cyber attack was launched on the social network Facebook. Using malicious code, the attackers arranged for the distribution of provocative messages on behalf of social network users among their friends. The spam messages contained images and videos of porn and violent scenes. As the representative of the service Andrew Noyes told Reuters, neither the motives of the action, nor the names of its customers and performers are known.

    - Attack on Facebook: motives, methods, consequences.
    - Andrei Yunisov: “I think it was made out of“ sports interest ”. Facebook competitors are unlikely to use these methods to reach the audience. ”
    - Vladimir Isaev: “You can blame both the browser and Facebook for the fact that there is such a hole. There’s probably some kind of browser fault, but it’s no more the fault of Facebook itself. ”
    - Where could the Facebook audience flow in case of serious problems?

    4. By the spring of 2012, the Coordination Center of the national Internet domain is about to introduce a blacklist of domain names in the .ru zone, the registration of which will be prohibited.According to the online edition of Marker, today in this part of the address space of the Network you cannot use only one obscene word "of five letters." Whether the action of the stop list applies to already registered domain names is not specified.

    - How effective was such a stop list in zone.rf?
    - Do I need to observe the "moral purity" in the names of the domain space?
    - Vladimir Isaev: “On-demand control would be more efficient here. If KC had a system for collecting complaints from Internet citizens and it could properly respond to them, it would be more useful. ”
    - Andrei Yunisov: “The mere fact of registering such a domain does not mean that some bad content has appeared on the Web or its name will be so widespread that children will see it. It’s better to worry about filtering content in well-known social networks. ”

    5. The Russian Groupon promised to impose penalties on regional partners for parallel cooperation with its competitors, the RBC Daily reports citing its source.In case of non-compliance with the requirement by the partner, the administration of the service intends to withhold its commission for a share during which a similar violation was committed. However, service representatives made a clarification: the company's counterparties are instructed to abandon the simultaneous holding of joint actions with Groupon and some other coupon site.

    - The general “well-being” of coupon services in RuNet today.
    - Andrei Yunisov: “The wave of anger against coupon sites is not a massive phenomenon, it has affected professionals. The audience of such services is very large. ”
    - Vladimir Isaev: “They are doing the right thing. "Many coupon service partners are unable to provide the results of the promotion, which they announce even through Groupon, and it is not always possible to verify them."
    - Groupon after the IPO is forced to take care of the market as a whole?

    6. Announced noticeable changes in the composition of the management holding SUP Media. LiveJournal Russia project manager Svetlana Ivannikova leaves the company to start her own business. It will be replaced by Ilya Dronov, who previously held the position of Director for Services Development in the organization. He will be responsible for the technical and strategic development of LiveJournal, as well as oversee its marketing and monetization issues. Finally, the famous startup manager and blogger Anton Nosik will take over the post of SUP Media media director. In the area of ​​his responsibility will be all the media projects of the holding.

    - What course will SUP Media take after personnel changes?
    - Vladimir Isaev: “The most widely read historically personalities are still in LiveJournal.”
    - Andrei Yunisov: “Even with a non-falling audience, new people are always good. LJ should implement some changes in the platform. ”
    - Anton Nosik, SUP Media Director: “By the end of 2011, SUP will announce three new projects in addition to the seven that it has.”

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