Made an iPad version of our service

    After months of hard work, we are pleased to present a special application for the iPad . Honestly, it was very difficult to do. And not only by the fact that this is our first experience in developing an application in its entirety, which is called in-house, but also because during the development of the application, Apple has significantly tightened application requirements, and we have changed the understanding of what needs to be given to the user.

    Under the cutter is the description of the application’s functionality, video clip and:

    The application’s functionality allows you to:

    - Synchronize (download) playlists and films with the device
    - Create new and edit old playlists
    - Search and add new films or music to playlists
    - Manage user account settings and subscriptions

    Only the owner of one of the paid subscriptions of the Fidel service can use the application. For new users of a service or application, a demo mode is available, limited to 600 minutes. During this time, the entire functionality of the application is open to users, which will allow you to understand how much you need a service and whether it is needed at all. All changes that you will make during the demo mode (creating playlists, adding movies, etc.) will be available at the end of it. After the demo mode is completed, you will be asked to subscribe. When you sign up for music through the application, you will be charged $ 9.99 per month (250 rubles if you sign up for Fidel ) and $ 19.99 per month for music and movie subscriptions (599 rubles if you sign up for Fidel ) .
    Application for iPad

    PS While working on the application, they began to implement the Scrum methodology and were pleasantly surprised by the increased performance. And even after the SHVV post about the telepresence cart decided to start their own ... Trifle, but nice =) Thanks SHVV .

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