Creative sugar

    An interesting thought occurred to the designer Natasha Chetiauaradn (s) (?). Title: “how sweet!” (“How sweet!”) Everything is clear from the picture, but I will explain (additionally): a sugar man is sitting on the edge of a cup, wetting his feet in hot water. You shove it with your finger, and it has become sweeter. I envied that the idea did not come to my mind and decided to share it with you.

    By the way, I would attach to this sugar-melting “basin” to the legs, or “pebbles” to the neck. In a word, he would be perverted more and more. But everything is so good. And they think so at exhibitions . And generally speaking. Only the cup is terrible. Do not buy those who are going. I bought, “look at me now”: it’s hard and uncomfortable to hold, a finger presses, “extra” fingers burn on the wall. And the “sweet poor fellow” is good. I notice a pack - I will definitely buy it.

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