From riches to mud in one evening.

    Many times I heard about the effect of the herd. I felt a couple of times on myself. And saw on others.

    Once again, re-reading the comments in the topic " Iron Nerves at the Stream Caliper ", I came across one comment from a rchee person . He wrote a comment, albeit harsh but true: "This is the third post on this topic. Minus karma ."

    upd: justice has triumphed. Thanks to the respected Habrausers. And to those who say that this is “nagging,” it’s possible he himself aches that he didn’t get so much karma (in principle, it’s easy).
    And all would be fine, but after the diamant’s post, in the same thread, people sharply rushed to put a minus to the person. And I repent, also sinned, automatically, without understanding anything. And only then he noticed a sad picture of the “karmagraf” on the personal page of the user “Rchee”. :( I felt ashamed and offended. The man did nothing wrong, he just wrote that it really was “ HAS once ” and “ HAS been two .”

    Moreover, no one took into account the fact that dear Rchee wrote quite the same good articles that people liked. And scored over 70 positive points.

    Let’s correct the good man’s karma. Let him write more.

    But he paid for it ..

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