The idea of ​​a mind-changing service

    I was allowed to write :) and as I promised I’ll write this story here as the first post.

    Almost every person who is interested in some area - especially politics, has his own opinion about each event that occurs. But this opinion is often formed from the outside, and the victim in most cases does not even suspect this. That is, “his” opinion depends on whose PR or advertiser gets to his attention earlier? or later? .. Fresh examples are the assessment of the work of the former president - if you are a reader of the pro-government media, you will probably consider that you live in a country where there is better weapons, an increase in the well-being of the population, etc., and all this is HIS merit if you read the opposition press (or the Internet) - you probably live in a poor, wretched country, and this is also HIS merit.
    It was a preamble.
    And now the ambulance. I propose to create a service by comparing-changing a person’s point of view on a problem within a few minutes - letting him read information about this event under different (opposite) sauces. That is, some actual event is set and specialists form two opposite descriptions according to their assessment (this is a task and training for PRschiki). The user, having selected the event of interest to him, receives the first description of the event, reads it and writes his comment (or at least chooses whether he agrees or not). Then he receives a second, essentially opposite description of the event and writes a comment. If you do not agree with the second statement, then another description is given of the same nature, etc. until you get tired or persuade. It is very likely that he purely psychologically does not want to change his first opinion, but this is not necessary. The task of the service is to track which (negative or positive) option it received first and what reaction it retained as a result. This will make it possible to fix - which is better: to have time to bring the information in your interpretation first, or then change your mind.
    Another option is simpler: an event is selected and in two parallel columns (±) users try to argue whether it is good or not and an attempt to convince the other side, like a competition. And at the bottom there will be a rating scale of other users - which way they are leaning. It will be good practice for lawyers, advertisers, sellers and the like (especially future ones). Yes, and users should be interested. There will always be a man who says that the snow is black, simply because he is used to BE AGAINST. Surely everyone had to meet such people.

    It was actually a description of the project proposed for implementation.
    1. I would like to know your opinion on it
    2. I would like to conduct a certain study of public opinion (this message was the basis for it), but in order not to mix different things, I will try to display it in a separate message. I will give the link additionally.

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