The program of manned flights to the moon is closed

    In 2004, D. Bush announced the creation of a program to return man to the moon. NASA was supposed to receive about $ 30-50 billion for the implementation of this project.

    For this program were developed:

    • KK Orion (modification)
    • Ares-1 LV for cargo delivery to the Earth’s orbit
    • Ares-5 launch vehicle for cargo delivery to the orbit of the moon
    • lunar module
    • energy sources, radiation protection, etc.

    Crisis ...

    From the middle of last year, rumors began circulating over Constellation about the cessation of the development of Ares-5, largely for financial reasons.

    In December 2009, it became finally clear that in the original version the program would cease to exist.
    However, the program was not just revised, but drank to the root.

    The development of Ares-1, Ares-5, the lunar module and everything related to it is being discontinued.

    The freed up financial resources are planned to be directed to the development of private astronautics, the renewal of the Kennedy center, possibly heavy LVs will be developed, several thousand highly qualified engineers will be fired.

    Today, at about 9 pm, the Constellation program will be officially announced. Flight to the moon is delayed until at least 2028, flight to Mars is not considered at all.

    The dream that a man will return to the moon and begin to master it is buried.

    Constellation section on NASA website

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