Specter is one of ten winners of student IGF 2010


    I would like to bring to your attention one entertaining game, a participant in the student IGF 2010.

    In addition to the main IGF competition, a separate 2010 IGF Student Showcase nomination is also held , in which 10 winners are selected .

    One of them was a kind of game Specter . The main character in it is 73-year-old Joseph Wheeler, during the game he is trying to tell us about his past years, starting from 7 years old.


    At its core, the game is a platformer. We need to choose exactly 9 of his memories in such a way that in the end we get a coherent story. Traveling through the levels, we catch “memories” and listen to pieces of history. But platform gameplay plays a secondary role here, and most importantly, lies in the monologue, the voice acting of which took up so much space.


    The game will require a good knowledge of English and a special mood. Old Joseph has 52 stories in store for us, but collecting them will not be so easy.

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