Canonical revealed some details of the mobile version of Ubuntu

    Canonical has clarified some of the features of a wide list of Linux features for mobile devices.

    At the Computex trade show in Taiwan, Canonical talked about some of the details of the new Linux mobile version - Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition. The company said that the first version of the OS should appear in October this year. It will have software for watching videos, listening to audio, as well as full-fledged web surfing.

    The software is designed for the Intel Mobile Internet Device platform - ultra-compact computers with low-power processors and small keyboards. Recall that in April Intel announced at its developer forum in Beijing the creation of mobile Internet devices for Linux, and in May Canonical announced the creation ofSoftware for these devices.

    “Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition should provide quick start-up and renewal of the system, as well as work on configurations with small disk space and a small amount of RAM,” said a Canonical spokesman.

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