Code of authors of Habrahabr

    To paraphrase the words of Tim O'Reilly : we like Habrahabr, since here we are free to write and communicate with smart people. But frankness does not at all mean a lack of politeness. We present to you this “Habrahabr Code of Authors” in the hope that it will help to create a culture that encourages both personal attitude and constructive dialogue.
    This is not a document that must be strictly adhered to. This is not a document at all. These are the rules that some authors observe on the resource.

    The following Habrahabr authors agree with these rules and act in accordance with them: ManPavel , NaFigator , norguhtar , vpol , rosnovsky , 2Bad , DileSoft, Alammi , Uznick , Miker , mmost , hedin , p1uton , lovermann , Severus's , Karlsson , bobuk , rossomachin , @MrProRunner, powerman , Mio , julia is , the PAD , Synth , masterbo , CurlyBrace , Nicholass , Cosss , oleg_bunin , unno , eXtractor , zemlanin, blockdog , snoopy , drhyperkalich , pozitivevil .
    (if you are in favor, add yourself here )

    To support, ignore, supplement or drown these rules - as always - you decide. Let's edit these rules together!

    Maybe this information is useful to someone here: recently I found something that perfectly characterizes the rights to the texts I publish - this is a Creative Commons license , "With attribution - Non-profit - Copyleft."
    This license allows others to process, correct, and develop your work on a non-commercial basis, as long as they mention your authorship and license derivative works under similar licensing conditions. Users can not only download your work and distribute it in the future, but also translate, create other derivative works based on your work. All new works based on yours will have the same licenses, so all derivative works will also be non-commercial in nature.
    In order to indicate that your material corresponds to this particular type of license, you need to embed this block in the text (you can take it here ): This "href =" Text "rel =" dc: type "> work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License . Creative Commons Attribution icon Creative Commons Noncommercial icon Creative Commons No Derivative Works icon Deserves O'Reilly’s proposed site classification
    Creative Commons License

    to sites that adhere to the Code of Conduct for the blogger and sites of the “Free Zone” (anything goes), in which the person will be in an open and uncontrolled zone - at your own peril and risk. Does it make sense to do the same for habratopiks?

    In any case: further it will be even more interesting!
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