The future with AR

    Several students of the Israeli Academy of Arts, Bezalel, filmed an excellent short film about how our life can (and most likely will) look with the spread of additional reality technologies. Although the film uses devices for a couple of generations that are ahead of the current technology like the Google Glass prototype, I have no doubt that, both socially and technologically, everything goes to the point that such technologies and how to use them will become ubiquitous. Since you think how much time will pass before we, like the main character, watch TV on an empty wall, cooking will turn into a social game with “achievements”, and during a meeting a special application will prompt the necessary phrases and not only ... ? Is it a question of decades or is it just around the corner?

    Another interesting link on the topic: TED lecture by Professor Jesse Shel about the future of such technologies and their impact on real life: Jesse Schell: When games invade real life .

    Well, in conclusion, of course, one cannot fail to mention eyePhone :)

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