iPhone - subjective top 15 free apps from the AppStore

    In two and a half months, I had my favorites in the AppStore. After analyzing the contents of the iPhone, I came to the conclusion that 80% of the time I use 20% of the applications that subjectively suit me the most. Each of the programs listed below has excellent (and even free) counterparts, but it was they that lingered on my iPhone longer than the rest. Applications go in a chaotic arrangement on the screens.

    Client for access to the social network of the same name. Superbly thought out application, fully comparable in functions with the web version. When viewing photos, an accelerometer is supported.

    Client for Wikipedia.

    Digital Voice Recorder.

    An alternative to the standard camera application. Improved photo quality and the "stabilization" mode will be appreciated by you. Of the shortcomings - the program does not populate EXIF ​​data.

    Google Mobile App
    An application to access popular Google services. It has additional iphone-chips, such as voice search, advanced search results, etc.

    SIP, ICQ, Google Talk, Skype, MSN and several more protocols. Voice chat support. A convenient way to save on Wi-Fi coverage.

    Internet radio client Last.FM.

    Search for a song title by fragment. Works great for English-speaking artists (tested on television commercials), significantly worse with Russian-speaking ones. Immediately after recognition, clips on YouTube and links to stores.

    Wi-Fi flash drive from iPhone. All internal memory is available for recording.

    Complete Apple TV remote control via Wi-Fi. The ingenious program.

    New Series Robot Chicken, Adult Swim, Bikini Parties on iPhone.

    GPS datalogger. It records the GPS receiver data at intervals (user-defined) and sends it to the server, where the data is visualized and / or exported to a KML file. While recording, so as not to be bored, calculates the distance, current and average speeds.

    Kyte Producer
    A client for an event-oriented service for storing media information.

    TinEye Music
    Search for album by cover. Powered by renowned TinEye technology.

    Mocha VNC Lite
    VNC client. Nothing extra.

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