Party “Medium well!”

    Friends, on our sidelines the idea of ​​organizing a music party began to wander not so long ago where we are all professional “runners” can show a completely different side - our creative side. Yes, we create and figuy every day as part of our professional activities, but there is much more - music, photos, graphics and more.

    Such a concept is a good platform, all our creativity is in one space: an exhibition, photo exhibition, concert. All that is - medium well! Everything that has a taste without too much refinement;)

    On April 2, 2009, the party will take place at the CICterna Hall club. For the first time, we will see and hear the creative side of some colleagues, partners or even competitors.

    All participants of our party will appear in three guises:

    • The first - in the image of musicians;
    • The second - will present us their photographs;
    • Still others will just have fun)

    Participation in the event is free . Entrance to the lists with pre- registration on the site.

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