Winstar M4 USB Server


    Everyone knows that the Ethernet port is not found in all devices that I would like to include in the network (for example, only advanced printer models have it). Winstar M4 allows you to connect virtually any USB device to your work or home network, whether it be a scanner, printer, external drive, speakers or a webcam. With this gadget, your device will be online.
    PS If you want to connect multiple devices, you need to connect a USB hub.
    It has been on open sale only since March 14, 2009, but now it can be ordered here for $ 33. Wholesale cheaper =).

    Allows you to bring up to four devices to the network using the hub.
    Gives access to a flash drive or removable hard drive, etc. inside your network
    Access to a web-camera, printer, scanner, fax or MFP device ...
    Supported protocols :, LPR / LPD, DHCP, UPnP
    Supports USB 2.0 and 1.1
    Supports Windows Vista Rally Technology
    Works with any home or work networks
    * Some devices require a direct connection to to the computer. Do not forget about it.

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