Ultimate ++ Impressions

    If you are a freelancer or like to experiment with exotic C ++ environments, then you should pay attention to the Ultimate ++ ecosystem , which I learned recently through a series of articles by Semyon Esilevsky ( part 1 , part 2 , part 3 , part 4 - everything is on the wiki ) with such a final parting word:
    “Do the benefits of U ++ outweigh its unusualness and high“ entry barrier ”? In my opinion, yes. U ++ is an excellent choice for cross-platform projects that are developed from scratch, especially if heavy use of databases is expected. ”

    Under the cut are those U ++ nuances that we managed to unearth on the forum and in the manuals for the month of daily work on an edited directory of documents stored in the database. I ’ll note right away that there will be no comparison with the “wonderful trinity”, because earlier for the simplest gui I used WTL and looked with hope at the eGUI ++ library , which, unfortunately, the author abandoned, but there was no one to pick up.

    First of all, Ultimate ++ is an ultimatum: either TheIDE’s own environment, or, for example, such a set under Windows as Visual Studio + STL + POCO + WTL. As a result, you have to forget about exceptions, although the rest is decent, which is illustrated by fragments of the asynchronous client-server file transfer code I wrote.


    • Delegates (the main tool for binding events in the GUI; personally, they hooked me the most)
      //функция не должна возвращать значений, а также иметь больше 4х входных параметров
      void Func() {};
      void Func4(int, double, String, Value) {}
      //делегаты для функций
      	Callback cb = callback(Func);
      	Callback cb4 = callback4(Func4, 1, 2, AsString(3), 4);
      	Callback4 cb1 = callback(Func4);
      	cb1(1, 2, AsString(3), 4);
      //делегаты в классе
      class AppMain {
      	//для THISBACK
      	typedef AppMain CLASSNAME;
      	Callback cb;
      	Callback cb4;
      	AppMain() {
      		cb = THISBACK(Func);
      		cb4 = THISBACK4(Func4, 1, 2, AsString(3), 4);
      	void Func() {};
      	void Func4(int, double, String, Value) {}	
      //делегаты для объектов
      	AppMain m;
      	m.cb = callback(&m, &AppMain::Func);
      	m.cb4 = callback4(&m, &AppMain::Func4, 1, 2, AsString(3), 4);

    • Singleton
      //класс SomeClass должен иметь конструктор по-умолчанию

    • Logging (keep in mind that for real numbers,% f is used instead of% lf)
      //вывод на экран и в файл
      LOG(Format("Total %d files have sended\n", n));
      LOG("Total " << n << " files have sended");

    • Ini files
      VectorMap config = LoadIniFile(GetExeDirFile("config.ini"));
      String host = config.Get("HOST");
      int port = ScanInt(config.Get("PORT"));
      for (int i = 0; i < config.GetCount(); i++) {
      	if ("FILE" == config.GetKey(i)) {
      		Cout() << config[i] << "\n";

    • Multithreading
      //без ожидания завершения
      //c ожиданием завершения
      Thread th;	

      As I understand it, OpenMP is not supported; instead, CoWork , working with delegates, is suggested , which is not convenient for parallelizing loops.

    • Text JSON (binary data is supported by a pair of Base64Encode / Base64Decode functions)
      FileIn fp(fname);
      Json json;
      json("fname", fname)("fsize", (int)fp.GetSize())("fdata", Base64Encode(LoadFile(fname)));
      ValueArray jsonAr = ParseJSON(json.ToString());
      fname = jsonAr[0];
      int fsize = jsonAr[1];
      String fdata = Base64Decode(jsonAr[2]);

    • Sockets
      TcpSocket server;
      if (!server.Listen(port)) {
      	LOG(Format("Can't open server port %d for listening\n", port));
      for(;;) {
      	TcpSocket socket;	
      	if (socket.Accept(server))	{
      		String msg = "";			
      		for (int c = socket.Get(); c > 0 && c != '\n'; c = socket.Get()) {

    • RegExp (PCRE)
      RegExp reg("(\\\\)");
      String path = "D:\\test.txt";
      if (reg.Match(path)) {
      	int last;
      	int first;
      	reg.GetMatchPos(0, first, last);        	
      	String drive = path.Mid(0, last);
      	String fname = path.Mid(last);

    • Built-in memory leak check (malloc is not tracked)
      	double *d = new double(0);


    Just look here and here . Php / Yii fans should appreciate it.

    QTF (ReportView)

    QTF is a native U ++ format for advanced text formatting. Used in RichEdit and in generating reports. TheIDE has a special designer for experiments:


    There is also a special dialog for printing a report (saving in pdf is in the bowels of ReportWindow):
    Color rgb_color = Color(109, 171, 211);
    String qtf_color = Format("@(%d.%d.%d)", rgb_color.GetR(), rgb_color.GetG(), rgb_color.GetB());
    String qtf;
    qtf.Cat(Format("[R9/%s Habrahabr &]", qtf_color));
    qtf.Cat(Format("[_%s лента] [ посты] [_%s q\\&a] [_%s события] [_%s хабы] [_%s компании]", 
    	qtf_color, qtf_color, qtf_color, qtf_color, qtf_color));
    Report rep;
    rep << qtf;


    The style of the text is framed by tags [and], and first, behind the bracket [are the QTF identifiers, and then only through the space text. In general, the principle is like in HTML, the difference is only in the names.


    Bazar is a set of user libraries for specific needs, among which the cross-platform work with Word / Excel in Office Automation was very useful to me :
    	OfficeSheet sheet;
    	bool xlsOn = sheet.IsAvailable("Microsoft");
    	if (xlsOn)
    	//Open Office Calc
    	if (!xlsOn) {
    		xlsOn = sheet.IsAvailable("Open");
    		if (xlsOn)
    	if (xlsOn) {
    		FileSel fs;
    		fs.Type("Файлы таблиц", "*.xls *.xlsx");
    		if (fs.ExecuteOpen("Выберите Excel файл")) {
    			sheet.OpenSheet(~fs, true);	
    	OfficeDoc doc;
    	//Если установлен Word2003 и Word2007, открывается почему-то Word2003. Разработчик разводит руками.
    	bool docOn = doc.IsAvailable("Microsoft");
    	if (docOn)
    	//Open Office Writer
    	if (!docOn) {
    		docOn = doc.IsAvailable("Open");
    		if (docOn)
    	if (docOn) {
    		FileSel fs;
    		fs.Type("Файлы Word", "*.doc *.docx *.rtf");
    		if (fs.ExecuteOpen("Выберите Word файл")) {
    			doc.OpenDoc(~fs, true);	


    • The Russian-language file selection dialog does not translate subfolders, even if Windows itself is Russified:
      SetLanguage(SetLNGCharset(GetSystemLNG(), CHARSET_UTF8));

    • If you look at examples of real applications , you can see that there are no screenshots with icons and text in the menu, because this cannot be done - icons with text can only have sub-sections of the menu, and the main menu is always text.
    • Buttons do not have default properties for resizing.
    • Convenient block line shift of lines through Alt + Shift + stitches + tab is not supported, which is annoying after Visual Studio and Notepad ++.
    • The biggest problem the editor does not always correctly cancel the last operation. It manifests itself in two ways: with manual cancellation (or Ctrl + Z), adjacent and not only lines can begin to mix (it is caught once or twice); when launched through F5 or Ctrl + F5, it is canceled, again sometimes, the last edit (happens more often).
    • There are problems with Intellisense, which is more likely to display the available signatures of an existing variable in the code than the one just written. I would also like to recognize situations when, when calling a procedure from an object from a list, the code obj.f() would not transform intoobj.f() ()


    Join in! Many points that I did not write out require active improvement. 32 mb with a small distribution deserve it.

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