PS3 FAT models crash worldwide due to incorrect date change

    Numerous sources said last night that a huge number of PS3 "Fat" owners (all models before Slim ) encountered a very unpleasant problem, which is most often accompanied by error 8001050F.

    To begin with, we are talking about the banal impossibility to run games with trophy support (those who did not manage to get through Heavy Rain until they can do it), trophy data are displayed incorrectly, all content downloaded from PSN does not work.

    Some advise not to turn on the PS3 until Sonywill not fix the problem, and the company's specialists are already actively engaged in its solution. Others recommend not trying to connect to the Network, pull the cable out of the console, but some PS3 owners claim that they caught the error without even logging in to the Network, and this is very sad.

    It seems that the error is related to the internal calendar, the console sets 1999 instead of March 1, 2010. Manually changing the date does not work. On NeoGaf suggested that the problem is this: the 2010-th - the first even and not a leap year after the launch of PS3 (2006 was the same, but only the console was launched in the autumn, because there were no problems). And this introduced the system into a stupor.

    Once again, we advise you not to turn on the console until details on this point appear, and we also recall that the ownersPS3 Slim problem bypassed.

    via gametech

    At the moment, Sony’s Twitter reports the following:

    We are aware that many of you have problems with PSN, and yes, we are trying to fix them. Stay in touch and keep abreast of all updates.
    PSN status update: We narrowed down the problem and continue to work to fix it for everyone. Updates will be as fast as we can.
    PSN status update (part 2): Readers / followers have confirmed that the “slim” versions (120 / 250GB) are connecting normally.

    We monitor the situation and do not turn on the console until the patch!

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