Logitech technical support or how I changed the mouse

    imageLogitech has had more than one article on tech support ( Part 1 , Part 2 ). So I decided to write about how I changed the mouse. Immediately make a reservation that I focus on one nuance, which is not indicated in the above articles.

    It all started with the fact that the mouse died. The computer simply stopped responding to the connection of the receiver. Because I didn’t have any documents and boxes from the mouse anymore, I googled a little and wrote a letter to Logitech with the following contents:
    The mouse does not work. The computer does not respond to the connection of the receiver. I tried on two computers and a laptop, tried to change the batteries and install different versions of SetPoint. She stopped working unexpectedly - she worked in the evening, in the morning she stopped. Can you help something? Is this a warranty case? Unfortunately, the purchase receipt was not saved.

    The next day I received the following answer:
    Thank you for contacting Logitech technical support.

    Attach photos (no larger than 1mb):
    - the sales receipt confirming the purchase,
    - your device, photographed above and below on sheet A4 with the handwritten number of your incident and readable PID and P / N numbers at the bottom of the mouse.

    After that, we can replace your product if all of the above criteria are met.
    We send replacements only to Moscow and St. Petersburg. If you live in one of these cities, then we need your details (shipping is done via UPS). If you live in another city, then we need the data of your authorized representative in one of these cities.
    - Name and Surname
    - mobile phone number
    - full postal address with an index

    I hope this information was useful to you. If you have any further questions, please write to me by e-mail or visit our website www.logitech.com.

    About the photo of the check, do not worry.

    This is where I understood the catch of such a product replacement scheme. " We send replacements only to Moscow and St. Petersburg ." And what about residents of other cities?
    After a short correspondence, I found out that there are no other options, and that I need to find a trustee in 7 days, otherwise my application will be canceled.

    There is nothing to do, and I found a confidant in St. Petersburg. Sent data and photos. After 3 days I received a response:
    Nikolay, I replaced your device. Delivery by courier from 7 to 10 business days.

    And the next day I received a letter that the mouse was already on its way to St. Petersburg.

    Notice, I was not asked to gouge the mouse and send photos. I sent photos only of the whole, albeit non-working mouse. That is, with this approach, you can get another working device for free. I don’t know, maybe this is an isolated case, maybe they just forgot to ask to gouge the mouse, but still ...

    On March 2, the mouse was transferred to UPS, on March 4 it was delivered by courier to the specified address in St. Petersburg. Now the gallant “Russian Post” delivers it to me.

    Here is such a story. I think Logitech needs to be a little more serious about replacing devices. Well, if there is a brave insolent and receives a working device for free, we are waiting for the topic on the hub

    Good luck

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