BrowserQuest - a multiplayer game on canvas

    Mozilla's BrowserQuest is a tribute to classic multiplayer games. You play as a young warrior who is looking for adventure on his fifth point. There is no need to save the beautiful princess, but it will be more than paid off to you by a dangerous world filled with treasures and cows . And most importantly, all this is done using HTML5 and JavaScript! The project is open source and hosted on GitHub !


    Screen shotBrowserQuest can simultaneously play thousands of players, evenly scattered across the game worlds. You can find out the exact number of players online by clicking on the counter in the lower right corner. Players can interact and communicate with each other using the built-in chat. There is an opportunity to organize clans and fight insidious enemies together.

    Powered by WebSockets

    I think everyone has heard about WebSockets - this is a new technology that implements bidirectional data exchange between the browser and the server. BrowserQuest is a demonstration of how this technology can be used to create a multiplayer game. When you start playing, your browser opens a WebSocket connection to one of the game servers selected by the load balancer. The server side runs on Node.js, so part of the server code is also used on the client.

    HTML 5

    BrowserQuest to the fullest uses new web technologies, such as:

    • HTML5 Canvas , which is used as a game engine.
    • Web Workers allows you to initialize large maps of the game world, without blocking the game process.
    • LocalStorage stores some data about the world and your character.
    • CSS3 Media Queries allows you to adapt the game to various devices.
    • HTML5 audio helps you feel like a real warrior when you hear another rat or skeleton dying :)

    Play everywhere!

    DevicesSince BrowserQuest is written in HTML5 / JavaScript, it is available through most browsers and platforms. The game is tested on Firefox, Chrome and Safari. If you enable WebSockets, then it will start on Opera. Also declared compatibility with iOS devices, phones and tablets with Firefox and Android on board.

    The mobile version is still experimental and less stable than the desktop version due to performance limitations, but it also gives an idea of ​​what games can become in the future. Try it on your phone;)

    Join the adventure!

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